Hyundai Sonata headlights assembly: Projector, Halo, LED, OEM, HID, XENON head lights.

Hyundai Sonata headlights

Depending on the motor and transmission, Hyundai Sonata YF spends from 7.6 to 8 liters of fuel in the combined cycle. The dynamics remains quite good: acceleration to 100 km/h takes 9.5 to 10.9 s. in standard configuration the car is equipped with 6 airbags, ABS with EBD, climate control, mirrors electrically adjustable and heated, radio with 6 speakers, USB and iPod connectivity.

In the “Style” equipment new Hyundai Sonata can please the owner of the vehicle with stability control, electrically adjustable driver's seat, the access system to the salon and start the engine without a key. There are also parking sensors, rain and light, cruise control, leather trim seats and door cards.

The top version of Hyundai Sonata VI – Prestige+Navi – offers maximum set of options. They include memory settings for the driver's seat and power adjustable passenger, navigation system with DVD, GPS, TV and Bluetooth and panoramic roof with sunroof as well as new Hyundai Sonata headlights. It remains to add that the new Hyundai Sonata got in a Top Safety Pick rating of the safest cars, which is annually formed by The American Institute of insurance and highway safety.

Hyundai Sonata halogen headlights, OEM 013.

Sonata halogen headlights

Today, the car light and signal lights are divided into two main categories: interior lights and dashboard lights, exterior lighting, which includes fog lights, number lighting, top lighting. Signal lights can also be divided into two categories: external (turns lights and brake lights) and internal (LED indicators on the instrument panel, steering, oil pressure in engine, etc.).

Hyundai Sonata LED headlights, Lamp light Mobis Line Angeleyes.

Hyundai Sonata LED headlights

Car lights perform two main functions in the car: the lighting and decor. Although the main function of headlights – is provision of light for safe traffic, in recent decades, through transformation, the headlights significantly alter the appearance of the car, more and more revealing their decorative effect. And, probably, in the next few years, we will find thLED headlights at in the inner structure of the lights there is also technological revolution that will replace the lamps and spotlights on the "smart light".

Hyundai Sonata HID headlights, HID Bi Xenon Headlamp Projector Headlights Assembly.

Hyundai Sonata HID headlights

Safety of driving and lighting

The main function of car headlights – is to ensure the safe movement on the road both the car itself, and other road participants. In this case, not only fog lights or parking lights play an important role, but also some light signals, which help drivers to communicate with each other. For example, the driver can flash with headlights, allowing pedestrian to cross the road or let another vehicle to give priority to the passage. Options of external lighting include special flashing lights, strobe lights, signal lights, which are typically used in special security service vehicles, fire and medical vehicles, which are used to attract the attention of the public.

The following lamps are used in the Hyundai Sonata NF:

  • Lower beam - H7
  • Upper beam - H1
  • Fog lights – H27W2.

Some owners change regular HID headlights into xenon lights, however, such a tuning can cause additional problems. Because of xenon with too large starting current, a car can just die out. It should be noted that such big fashion on xenon headlights could give life to halogen headlights with bulb, which also are able to give a shade of blue to light.

Meanwhile, these lamps are much cheaper than xenon, but it is necessary to remember that they do not have any relation to qualitative expensive xenon headlights. In addition to the unusual color of the light beam, they do not give the driver any visible benefits.