Hyundai Accent headlights assembly.

Hyundai Accent headlights

Subcompact Hyundai Accent is also known as Verna and Excel. The first generation model debuted in 1995 as the replacement of the obsolete Excel model. However, in the Netherlands and Australia, the name of the car wasn’t changed. A car was produced in hatchback and sedan and was powered by two 16V petrol engines volume of 1.3 and 1.5 liters.

In 1997, all the models underwent restyling, received a new front bumper with advanced air intake and new tail lights. In 1999 Accent appeared on the market and had nothing to do with previous machines. In 2000, the Korean manufacturer began to produce the second generation of cars – Hyundai Accent LC. The body of the new generation had more direct forms with Hyundai Accent headlights. In Korea the car was offered under the name of Verna.

The 2003 facelift brought a new index – LC2. In 2006 Accent of the third generation debuted. The car was developed on the basis of Kia Rio and enjoyed very great popularity. At the Beijing motor show in 2010, Hyundai revealed the new Accent, which was longer and wider than the previous car. Now this car is sold only in China and Korea.