Hyundai Accent headlights assembly: Projector, Halo, LED, OEM, HID, XENON head lights.

Hyundai Accent headlights

Subcompact Hyundai Accent is also known as Verna and Excel. The first generation model debuted in 1995 as the replacement of the obsolete Excel model. However, in the Netherlands and Australia, the name of the car wasn’t changed. A car was produced in hatchback and sedan and was powered by two 16V petrol engines volume of 1.3 and 1.5 liters.

In 1997, all the models underwent restyling, received a new front bumper with advanced air intake and new tail lights. In 1999 Accent appeared on the market and had nothing to do with previous machines. In 2000, the Korean manufacturer began to produce the second generation of cars – Hyundai Accent LC. The body of the new generation had more direct forms with Hyundai Accent headlights. In Korea the car was offered under the name of Verna.

The 2003 facelift brought a new index – LC2. In 2006 Accent of the third generation debuted. The car was developed on the basis of Kia Rio and enjoyed very great popularity. At the Beijing motor show in 2010, Hyundai revealed the new Accent, which was longer and wider than the previous car. Now this car is sold only in China and Korea.

Accent model is produced by the largest automaker in South Korea - Hyundai Motors Corp since 1994. The car, combining an original exterior, interior comfort, ease of control, and a wide choice of additional options, plus fuel economy, gained wide popularity all over the world, as evidenced by the high level of sales. The first generation of Accent rightfully received the title of the family car. With the introduction of the Accent model there appeared a possibility to equip the cars Hyundai with engines by own production (previously a company used Mitsubishi power units).

Hyundai Accent LED headlights, LED Projection Day Light Head Lamp.

Accent LED headlights

Hyundai Accent -is one of the best cars from Hyundai, it's fast, squat, easy in control and inexpensive, it is ideal for a comfortable travel around the city. This model is focused on wide range of consumers with middle income, is highly practical, economical and fully justifies its price. Hyundai Accent has received a new, modern security system, which has deserved high marks not only from consumers, but also experts. Hyundai Accent is offered in several sets. The basic equipment includes immobilizer, power steering, adjustable steering column, chain brackets for child seats ISOFIX, air conditioner and cassette audio system with four speakers.

Hyundai Accent HID headlights, HID Bi-Xenon Projector Lens Kit Halo Angel Eye.

Accent HID headlights

Front fog lamps, as the name suggests, are designed to illuminate the road in the fog. Fog lamps illuminate the road effectively, because they are located far below the HID headlights and fog strips. Lamps of all types can be installed in fog lights: LED headlights have high brightness and low power consumption. Fog lights with installed LED lamps can be used as daytime running lights. You can pick up LED lamps on temperature of light under the head light.

Gas-filled lamps have a higher brightness in comparison with usual halogen lamps. Shade of gas-filled lamps is closer to pure white. It has been achieved by changing the composition of the gas mixture in the bulb.

Xenon lamps are currently the most vivid. But you need additional equipment for their work- ignition blocks. Xenon lamps can be selected on light temperature from cool white to warm white. Xenon lamps serve in several times longer than conventional lamps and are insensitive to hits and vibrations.